Custom Countdown Timer in Articulate Storyline 360

Jul 26, 2019


I wanted to add custom countdown timer for the Assessment using Articulate Storyline 360.  Consider that there are 10 questions in the assessment, and timer should applicable to the all questions.


Amey Sawant

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Chris Dorna

Hi Amey,

Perhaps this is a good starting point for you. In the attached project I use two variables:

  • seconds: Number of seconds left
  • timerStarted: When set to true the timer runs

Deze variables are set when the user clicks on the button Start on the first slide.

In the Masterslide there are two layers. When the timer is started The layers Count 1 and Count 2 are 'displayed' alternately and evertime 1 is substracted from seconds.

On the layout that is used for the questions is a trigger that checks the variable seconds. When the 0 seconds is reached you jump to the resultslide.

In order to let this work you have to adjust the properties of the feedback layers.

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