Custom exam review

Nov 03, 2014

I am working on customizing the exam review for a suite of courses. I have read about and understand the standard "review" option for the results slide and I don't think it does what I want it to do. 

If a learner passes, the standard results slide would work for the most part. 

If a learner fails though, I want to be able to show them which questions they got incorrect, without giving them the correct answer. I would also like to give them the option to see the full question of the ones they got incorrect. 

Each of our exams is 10-15 questions. 

Has anyone had experience or seen this done?

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Mike Enders


There are a couple of ways you could approach this.  You could try the results slide view that Alison mentions, or you could provide a link (to the section of content) that appears only after they have taken the quiz.  The link could even trigger a lightbox that shows a particular slide of content related to the question.

I've attached a simple example to demonstrate a lightbox review button that appears when you review the quiz.  While this example shows the review button regardless of the answer, you could get more in-depth and only show it when the user answers incorrectly.


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