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Nicole Legault

Hey Tim!

Is this a quiz slide, if so which type (Multiple choice, True/False, etc.)?  Or is this a freeform quiz slide? Is there a slide master for those feedback layers, maybe?

Also, when you delete the triggers, when do they re-appear? When you leave the slide, and return to it? When you close the project and re-open it?

I'm trying to re-create the issue to help you figure it out! Thanks!  


Kevin Thorn

Hey Tim,

I have this happen often on a freeform quiz template regardless of type. It always happens when I'm using custom navigation by assigning the "Submit Interaction" trigger to a custom button and not the default Storyline button. Once I have everything in place and the quiz functions properly and as long as I don't edit the quiz, it works fine. However, if I edit the question and change anything (shuffle, attempts, etc.), then save and exit, two new triggers are added - Jump to and Hide Layer when Timeline Ends.