Custom feedback layers -- How custom?

Hi folks! 

I'm fairly new to Storyline and just finished throwing together a flashcard activity. So far I LOVE the functionality Storyline offers. I feel like I could potentially build almost anything I can think up. 

That said, I've run into a snag with a flashcard activity I've built. I may have gone about building it incorrectly but let me start with the question and then provide some background...

Is there a way to tell Storyline to use the feedback layers that I've created rather than the ones that it creates when a slide is converted to freeform?

I ask because I discovered the whole freeform piece after going to all the trouble of creating all sorts of custom variables and layers and getting really fancy on about 20 questions. I then tried to create a feedback slide and realized that I'd have to convert to freeform if I wanted the feedback slide to recognize them as questions. Oops.

My guess is that I could associate my feedback layer with the one that Storyline generates on the conversion to display concurrently... but then all my fancy stuff doesn't seem to work. 

You can download a rough draft of my project here (Chrome doesn't like this link for some reason)

Thanks for your help/pointers!

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jedidiah, I tried downloading your file but the link didn't work. (not using Chrome) - maybe try inserting the file using the Insert file link (paperclip).

You should be able to use your own feedback layers - the first thing you need to do is set the question feedback to none and disable the submit button.

Put a next button on each of your custom feedback layers instead.

Then you need to add triggers to your each of your question repsonses to direct them to the feedback layer.

I have attached a simple (and very ugly) example.