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Dec 12, 2018

In Storyline 360, I am in the process of making a quiz with custom feedback layers in place of the Correct/Incorrect banners that are displayed upon review. I can successfully display the correct feedback with a true/false variable. This is the Review button trigger on the Results slide:

This is the trigger on the question slide's base layer that calls the Correct feedback:

What I can't figure out is how I can get the incorrect feedback to appear upon review when users choose the wrong option. All incorrect choices have custom slide layers. My intention is to show students why a particular choice is incorrect. 

If it's of any help, this is my form setup. 

Thank you.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Caitlin and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I appreciate you reaching out and sharing your file so that we could take a look.

You mentioned the ResultsViewed variable above and it does not look like it has been used in your course:

In addition, you have the Review layer set to show the Correct layer if the Q1 variable is True:

But the Q1 variable only adjusts to True if the Correct layer is shown, so that's never happening:

I adjusted a couple of things in your file. Take a look and see if that's closer to what you are expecting to see.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for adding your Story file. I see that Leslie has already leapt to your aid and provided an answer, so hopefully you are now back on track. If you have any other queries, just post them to the community and I am sure you will get a quick response. It's a great community and a great place to visit even if you haven't got a post to file, but simply want to increase your knowledge of the software and get some good ideas for your projects.


Hi again,

With Leslie's help, I made adjustments to my exam file to get the desired result feedback when users review their answers-- custom layers display successfully on more than one multiple-choice slide!

I'm now attempting to do the same for other interaction types, especially graded Drag and Drops. The ResultsViewed trigger used for the multiple choice slides don't seem to be useful on the drag and drops, so the built-in red and green incorrect/correct banners are displayed instead of custom layers. I'm wondering if I have to create a new Drop Correct state to accommodate this scenario.

I'm also trying to configure navigation that takes the user back from the end of one reviewed scene to the results slide so that they can jump to another quiz review scene without having to cycle through the whole story. A JumptoResults variable is set to True once users hit the Results screen, and upon reviewing the last question of the first section, clicking a button takes them back to the Results screen. However, it works only for the first scene. Tried a few configurations and creating a second JumptoResults variable, but I hit the same issue. 

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