Custom feedback on the results slide for different question pools

Dec 07, 2012


I'm looking to use multiple question pools but have custom feedback based on the learners' quiz results for that specific question pool. For example, if I had 2 question pools and the learner didn't do well in the quiz questions for question pool #2, they would get a message letting them know to read up on that specific section and try again (as opposed to a generic message for all question pools).

My solution was to create 'Correct' and 'Incorrect' variables, where if the learner clicked on the wrong answer it would update the count of the appropriate variable (see I'm dealing specifically in multiple choice questions). I'd then check these variables on the Results slide and show the feedback layer based on whether the Incorrect variable was higher than the Correct variable.

It all sounds good on paper, since I haven't had any luck so far. Any help would be appreciated

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