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Eric Vogel

I'm really missing something here though I know my tendency is to go for a more complicated solution as I overlook the obvious. What I have done is to go into "design", click "fonts" and "create new theme fonts". At that point I am able to choose which heading font (Ariel) and body font (lucinda bright) but I'm not seeing where I choose a font size to default to. I am able to apply my font selections to all slides. Meryem's solution appears to be what I am trying to avoid--changing the font size on each slide. What am I missing?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Eric,

You're correct that there is no place in the Design fonts to set up a size. But after you choose your fonts there, you can use Phil's suggestion to go into the slide masters to change the point size.

Click on the "topmost" Master slide (highlighted in red border in the screenshot) and set your point size for the title and text areas (you'll of course need to select the placeholder and then click the Home tab to access the point size drop-down).

This will work for the text area of all layouts. You'll need to set the point size for the title of Quiz Layout slides on the Question layouts (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot.

Also, text in new text boxes and text in new shapes will take on the size you set for the text areas in the master.

Please shout out with any questions.