Custom graded quiz

I have created this quiz with help of forum members (thanks to them).Please take a look at it.I need solution for the following 3 things :

#1.) I have provided a print option button(.swf file) which will be shown only once user has submitted answers.

Is it possible to take print out of the whole page(all 10 questions at once) because the slide is long enough (10 questions on one slide with scrolling panel) ?

If i click on print button, it takes print out of only first 4 questions(which is visible on my screen).I have to scroll down to take print out of other questions.

#2.) Is it possible to add a custom timer where user can select time from a drop down or something similar (like 30 secs, 1 min, 2 mins. , etc) depending on level of difficulty and no. of questions? Any possiblity with javascript, triggers, variables, condition ?

#3.) The print button (on a seperate layer called Print) is no more visible when the timeline of base layer finishes.The print button is shown when user clicks on submit button.I want the button to remain visible until user clicks on Try Again button.

Also can i add state to a .flv or .swf file ?

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