Custom Hover Issues

Dec 14, 2018


I'm running into a problem here with custom hover states. I have a shape that has three states: normal, hover, and hover visited. I have a trigger set up to "change state of [object] to hover visited when the user hovers the mouse over, if [variable] is equal to true." The object correctly changes to the hover visited state when I hover, but returns to the hover state when I move my mouse away instead of normal. I do have the the checkbox checked for "restore on mouse leave," I'm just not sure why it's restoring to hover, and not normal. Is there a reason it's doing this or a workaround to fix it?

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Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing the file, it's hard to know. My guess is there's a conflict between the hover state and the trigger to change on mouseover. Here's what I'd do and why:

  • Hover is a built-in state that you have no control over and it creates a conflict with your other trigger.
  • Get rid of the hover state
  • Create two custom states: hover1 and hover2
  • Create your variable
  • Use triggers to change the state on mouseover to hover1 when var=X
  • Use trigger to change the state on mouseover to hover2 when var=y

Hope that helps.

Jennifer Shelden

Thanks Tom! That did, indeed, fix it. Very interesting interaction between the states here though, as I wouldn't have thought that the standard hover state would become some sort of stuck non-hover state in this scenario. Oh well, guess I'll just make the manual hover1 triggers. What's a quick copy-paste of a trigger a few times in the grand scheme of a course, haha?

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