Custom interaction with radio buttons

Hi folks,

This one has got me stumped but I'm sure there must be a way of doing it. I'm used to developing in Flash using Action-script so I'm finding Storyline difficult to adapt to - especially when it comes to logic!

Anyway the problem is this. I have 4 statements with 4 options for each. I've this set up as 4 button sets with 4 radio buttons in each. Each radio button will be a different value and each button set has the values 1,2,3,4 across the 4 radio buttons.

The idea is that when the user clicks' submit' the total would be added up - 1 point for radio button 1, 2 for 2 etc. I just cannot seem to find a way of doing this without an insane number of triggers.I can't seem to increment the total variable for each radio button. I can't find anyway (as I would in Flash) of applying a value to a radio button so I'm having to try and work out what was selected and add the 'value' to my total.

Essentially what I want behaves the same as the Likert scale template but I want selections to have a numerical value which I can add up when they click submit.

Any ideas would be great because I'm currently pulling my hair out


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Steve  Galway

This is perfect. Thank you

Helps to clear up a lot of what I was trying. I guess my problems stemmed from the fact that in Flash I could assign a data value to each radio button and then just run a simple loop to total them all. I was trying to find a way in Storyline to do the same thing in as little number of triggers as possible - getting nowhere though!I was attempting to total them based on slide triggers - I could get it total up OK but not subtract. Your approach does what I need but I'll play around with it anyway to make sure I learn from your example.

Thanks again for your help :-)