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Hi All,

When users attempt to submit a question without answering it, they'll encounter the invalid answer popup. I am looking to create a custom popup that is uniform throughout ALL of my quiz question slides.

I found a tutorial here: explaining how to do this, and have applied this method to the majority of my slides with success - except for drag and drop slides.

I found another similar tutorial, specific to drag and drop slides here: but it appears to only work on CUSTOM drag and drop slides.

I have a few of the default "Matching drag and drop" slides - but so far have not found a way to edit the states... so am unable to use the method in the above tutorial.

Does anybody know of a work around for this? 

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Georgia,

Not sure how much you want to customise your invalid answer pop up, but if you are only looking to match the colours to your colour scheme, then you can do that through the Player Properties. Here is a great job aid to help you locate which items to modify:

Also, through the Player Properties, you can change what the pop up says, like so:

This is a really quick way to customise this pop up and you only have to do it once.

Hope this helps!

Georgia B

Hi thanks for your reply. I have found those settings but the problem is, I want my own custom button, text size, font weight/size etc, so I want to design it in a layer like with the Correct/Incorrect answer layers.

I know it is not an option by default, but there is a workaround (see links above). The workaround does not work for Matching drag and drop questions though. I am wondering if anyone has found a workaround for those question types?

Steve Stark

Hi Heroes - 

Could someone help me figure out how to customize the Invalid Answer message on a Multiple Fill-in-the-Blank question? I've tried setting it up multiple ways but always encounter some kind of issue. Sometimes it show my invalid answer message even when I've typed something in the blanks, sometimes it will show the incorrect message layer even when I haven't typed anything in.

I've attached the .story file below. Any help would be appreciated!

Steve Stark

Thanks Deanna - those conditions make sense to me, but I am still having issues. I think it might have something to do with the order of my triggers. Here's what I'm using:

I've moved the "Show layer Invalid Answer" trigger to every step in the trigger sequence but it still is not working as expected.

What am I missing? (latest .story file attached)

Steve Stark

Thanks for taking your time to help me with this, Deanna. Unfortunately, I am still encountering issues.

I have my triggers set up exactly as shown in your screenshot. (Open my screenshot below in a new tab to view in full resolution.)

Yet, when leaving one of the two fields blank, I am getting the Incorrect answer layer instead of Invalid answer.

"Moon" is blank
"Moon" is Blank

"Spoon" is Blank
"Spoon" is Blank

My goal is to make it so that the Invalid Answer message appears when the user leaves either one or both of the fillable fields blank.

If you are not encountering my issue as shown, could you reply with your adjusted .story file?


Deanna Brigman


Ah, I see what you are going for. You have to change the AND in the conditions to OR.


So, to recap. 

In order to get the invalid answer layer to show, it has to look for the text boxes to be blank.

It has to be at the bottom of the trigger list.

If you want invalid answer layer to show up if either text field is blank set the condition to OR, if both fields have to be blank set the condition to AND.

I have attached my story file so you can use it for reference. Although you are almost there!

Steve Stark

Hm. I am still encountering an issue when certain steps happen in sequence. This happened earlier when I changed the AND condition to OR.

Rather than explain the steps, I recorded a screencast demonstrating it.

This will also happen if I complete the "spoon" field, try to submit, and then complete the "moon" field. It is only happening when I attempt to submit the correct answer.

Any solution on how to fix this?

Deanna Brigman


I will admit, I only looked into the issue you made your post about, and I didn't thoroughly test out the interaction you created. Sorry for all the back and forth.

I redid your interaction in a manner that I think is what you were going for when you first created it. I saw that you were using a freeform pick one to get the functionality you wanted, but I removed that and just used triggers.

I have set up the interaction to do the following:

Show Invalid Answer if both, or one of the text fields is blank.

Show Correct if both text fields are correct.

Show Incorrect if either text field is incorrect.

It is set up to give Correct or Incorrect feedback if answers are entered after an Invalid Response is generated.

Now it should work as you expect!

Steve Stark

Yes, thanks Deanna! You're right, your method works with getting the "flow" that I'm looking for. I had used Jeanette's infamous method for creating the multiple fill-in-the-blank question, but your simpler method gives me my desired results with using a custom Invalid Answer feedback layer.

Now the challenge comes to make the question a trackable quiz question, as I will need to record the learners' scores and what they answered with. This, of course, was the major advantage of setting the question up as a Pick One disguised as a multiple fill-in-the-blank.

I'll try doing something similar to the variable recording described here, and add a hidden Pick One slide that will record the answers typed into pseudo-question slide. Let's hope I can work around both the review and retry quiz options so that everything behaves correctly when reviewing or retrying the quiz.

Very much appreciate your help, Deanna! You're a hero!

Indrani Sen


For one of the quiz projects, I had modified a feedback dialogue box. This feedback dialogue was in response to when a user does not select a response and proceeds to SUBMIT  or move to a new quiz question.  It was not any programming change, but just a cosmetic change to match with the interface.  However I cannot recollect how I did it.  Please can you help me out.  This time, I promise to save a screen-cast for my reference.


Many thanks,




Wendy Farmer

Hi Indrani

you are making the changes through the player > colors and effects > advanced settings.

Then look at the pdf I sent above or the image above to see which elements you need to modify.

Once you click show advanced color editing you will see a lot of objects to select from. e.g. if you want to change the background of the OK button you would find Editor > WIndow > Button Background - click and change to the colour you want.