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Anna Liza Escondo

Hi Paul,

The 'Invalid Answer' pop up will not appear if the feedback for incorrect answer is left blank.  This can be set in the Question slide in Form View.  In the Set Feedback and Branching section below, I have cleared the feedback for the incorrect answer by pressing the 'More...' button on the right.  Hope this has been helpful.

Question Slide

Paul Nix

Hey Anna,

That seems like a bizarre way to get something else to stop showing up but sure. Although after trying it I've added it to the pile of things that doesn't work. :( Lame!

The default "Invalid Answer" still pops up over the custom one. And again it's sporadic and inconsistent when it does. In some languages it doesn't show up at all, in others it shows up in the preview but not when ultimately published.

I've removed all the text from the custom feedback/branching too just in case.

This seems like it should be easier than it is. My denseness is upsetting to me.

Donna Copeland

What is the correct set of conditions for using a custom Invalid Answer with a multiple responses quiz question (more than one answer is correct)?  I have the "Submit" trigger follow the Show Invalid Answer" trigger and I am trying to show all possible conditions that should show the Incorrect Answer layer. When I test using one correctand one incorrect response check mark selected I do not get the "Incorrect' layer but the "Invalid Answer" layer. Help!!

Please see the multiple response slide in my attached story. Thank you!!

Ren Gomez

Hi Donna,

Happy to help here! I believe the main goal is if any of the items are selected, then you'd like for the question to continue as normal and submit the interaction for a correct or incorrect response.

I've simplified this by removing all the combinations and just added OR to each answer choice.


I've attached it for you below. I believe I tested all the scenarios, but you can double-check it. Hope this helps! 

Ambre Quinn

I'm having the same issue as Anna and Paul. I see the recommended fix is to delete our custom text responses. However, that simply deletes all our custom layer text!

Here are screenshots of the error overlaying our custom error, plus the triggers, layers, and feedback master settings.