Custom Likert-style survey

Mar 10, 2019

Hello All,

I've created a custom survey slide that allows the user to choose one of seven options. I can't figure out how to add a trigger for the likert interaction. Currently, nothing is reporting to the LMS. I tried treating it like a PickOne but that is not working either.

Thanks for assisting.


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carol combs

Hi Leslie,

In my assessment/survey, I built it out and needed a way to convert it - much like converting to a freeform. It appears that Storyline does not have a way to convert from normal slide to survey.

It was a late night, but i finally came up with a method. I added a survey template, mapped my answers to the survey buttons, hid the original survey buttons and this seems to work.

Thank you for your help.


Alain Gauthier

I'd like to build a series of questionnaires where the learner would pick items for one of two columns, and have a total of each calculated at the bottom. 

Here is an example taken from an MBTI questionnaire. 

I have 3 questionnaires like this and will have the learner transfer their total into a final one. Or, maybe I can use the 'results' and have that automatically inserted into the final slide.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


Alain Gauthier

That is useful too, but I meant to be able to select one of each pair (horizontal).

I think that if I set 'button sets' for each horizontal pairs (extraversion-introversion), it would only allow the learner to select one of each, and many from each column -which is what I want to do.

OK, I just went in and did that. It is working as I wanted. Thanks for the help.  These button sets may have open another door for me in design.


Alain Gauthier

I'd like to share what I came up with. I changed the data so that it can be public in the hope to help others. In this questionnaire, you'll find button sets as well. I used random food in the lists.

Thank you so much for your help.

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