Custom LMS: How to store Suspend Data and then Resume

Hi all, 

I've posted this in the developer discussion area, but I thought I'd add it into the Storyline discussion area too. 

Our company are using our own system to host articulate storyline files on our server. We have connected these files to a sql database that stores the user variables at certain points through the course when the "Execute Javascript" is triggered. 

This works great if a user logs into their account and completes the course in one session because there are no issues with needing stop and resume. However, what we would like to do is use the Suspend Data functionality to capture the user data if they log out or close the browser, then when they log back in resume that user where they left off. 

I have tried to do some research around this, but everything I have found just points me back to it being a built in feature in standard LMS's. Has anybody had any experience of using this feature without a standard LMS? Or does anybody know anyone they could put me in touch with that would have some experience or knowledge around this.

Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks, 


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tushar b

hello matthew,

i have checked the SCORM reference link that you shared above. But how we come to know the particular screen id  on which the user was present in its last login ?

And based on screen id how to navigate the user to that particular screen which is on specific .html page ?

Since the articulate storyline files are hosted on our dedicated server and not on SCORM CLOUD, so can you elaborate more on the above problem in ways we can achieve it.

Your instant help is appreciated!