Custom locked menu triggers not working

Feb 03, 2017

Hi, I have a project that I need to implement a restricted menu on, but I cannot use the built-in menu. 

I have set it up so my menu button is on top of the player, and opens the menu in a lightbox. I also have each of the links initially set to "disabled" state, then I have a variable "m1, m2, and so on..." which are true/false Var's initially set to false. I have triggers on the menu slide that will change the state of each link back to normal (clickable) when the variables (m1, m2, m3 and so on) change.

Then I have triggers on each next slide in the course, that will unlock the previously viewed slide when the timeline starts (set m1 to true when the timeline starts) 

everything seems like it should work properly, and allow the lessons to unlock after viewing each lesson in linear order.. but for some reason it's just not unlocking any of them.. they just remain in disabled states even though i've navigated through lessons which should be triggering those variable changes, and thus changing the states of the menu links to normal (clickable).



any help is appreciated! 

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