Custom Made Replay Audio Button - Getting It To Function Upon Revisit


At my place of employment, the rule and requirements of our e-learning courses are starting to clash with each other. For audio, we are required to use a customized replay button. It must also work when an end user revisits a screen.

The attached sanitized file shows how the programming often looks like. I have not been able to get the replay button to work properly upon revisit.

Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Patrick Lambe

O.K. I think I found a workaround. It seems to work if I allow the audio to automatically replay upon revisit, but then pause it if an end user re-selects an answer. But on the initial visit, I'm not allowed to let that happen.

But for argument's sake, let's say I didn't want the audio to automatically play upon revisit. Is there still a way to have the replay button work correctly upon revisit while the audio still starts out paused?

Lauren Connelly

Hi P L!

I appreciate you sharing your file! 

Here are the changes I've made:

  • Moved the Play button above the Pause button.
  • Added a variable called Replay, which determines when the media plays on revisiting.

Take a look at the updated file attached to this reply. Let me know what you think!

Patrick Lambe

Thanks Lauren. I appreciate you jumping in there and making changes!

Your change definitely worked for the replay button when revisiting. Now, it does work upon revisit.

This is a good example of the challenges I'm having with all of our requirements. When I fix one thing, something else gets undone. Now, the replay button doesn't work on the initial visit. And the play and pause buttons don't work upon revisit.

It seems like an elusive combination of behaviors to program for.

Thanks again,


Patrick Lambe

Sorry for waiting so long to reply. This was a big issue for courses I worked on in November. Thanks for your response.

It looks like part of your solution was to use the "Jump to time" trigger. When I click that trigger, I receive a message that states "Jump-to-time triggers can only be edited in Storyline 360." I have Storyline 3.

What is the rationale for having the trigger in Storyline 360 but not in Storyline 3? This would be a great trigger for our team.

Thanks again,



Lauren Connelly

Hello P L!

No need to apologize! You're right. The jump-to-time trigger is available for edit in Storyline 360. It hasn't been a feature we've added to Storyline 3 yet. Storyline 3 continues to receive updates to fix issues found by customers or us, but it won't receive all the new features that Storyline 360 will see. 

If our team decides to add this feature to Storyline 3, we'll make sure to update you in this discussion.