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Dec 22, 2016

Hi People,

I have 3 main pages and 3 sub pages for each. But the sub pages are removed from the menu. I need the main page title to be highlighted while in the main pages as well as the 3 sub pages.  Is there a way to do this?

Important Note: I am using the default menu. Not a custom designed one.


Senthil R

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senthil arul arasu R

Hi Wendy Thanks or the quick response. However, I could not find a solution for my requirement. Also am not sure if i had understood the contents correctly :( apologies. 

Please find the attachment. There are 3 Menu titles. Each page has say for example 3-4 sub topic pages. I have deleted the sub page titles from the menu using the customize player option. so the menu will look something like what i had attached. Now, say the user in is Topic 2. Then  "Topic 2" will be highlighted in the menu. 

Now the user goes to the sub topic page 1 for Topic 2. Even now the highlight for "Topic 2" should not go away. it should stay highlighted till he finishes all the sub topic pages of Topic 2.

Kindly help!!


Senthil R

Wendy Farmer

Hi Senthil

that's not how the built in player menu works.

This is a sample .story file menu before deleting the sub-pages

The menu items start out as bold and as the learner accesses the menu item they turn to grey. So if you choose to delete all the sub-pages then the menu will be bold for the Topic title then as soon as they move to the next slide that Topic will be greyed out. 

Someone may be able to chime in to help but I don't know of any other way of getting the behaviour you want without using a custom menu.

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