Custom Menu in Storyline 360 Desktop vs Mobile

Jan 22, 2017

I was wondering how developers are working with their menus in desktop and mobile courses for Storyline 360.

I typically include a custom menu in my courses (i.e. a button in a top horizontal header that triggers a layer to appear) and disable the default Storyline menu feature. However, in a responsive player (i'm really thinking smaller phones), this custom menu is probably going to be too small to be usable. In that case, I'd like the Responsive Player to display the default menu (hamburger).

How are you all handling your courses with custom menus and the responsive player via HTML and mobile playback?

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Crystal Horn

Hi again, Justin!  Just linking these two discussions for anyone who comes across.

You can use a topbar tab for your Menu in your Player Properties to get the Menu out of the way until the learner clicks on it.  We're looking into a feature request for adding the responsive player design seen on your mobile devices to the desktop version of courses as well; others can add their voices in a request here!

Todd Haynes

Thx Crystal, that's the direction we're going - putting the "standard" Menu in the topbar.

BTW, I've played around with various templates/players for a few days. Because we're deploying on multi-devices, we're probably going in the direction of using the standard player features for Menu and Prev/Next buttons. That counters years of my tendency to build custom UI's with menus and navigation buttons.

You have to have the default player "menu" enabled in the player when you publish to get the Hamburger menu visible in HTML5/mobile playback correct? In some mobile playbacks, such as phone w/h portrait mode, a custom Menu and Next/Prev buttons might become too small for users to use with near 100% reliability.

Rebekah Massmann

I agree with the previous comments. What I'm finding is that if I turn everything off for a seamless player and use completely custom navigation, the responsive players look ridiculous because it just gives an extra bar with nothing to click on. 

I too would like to see the option to use the hamburger menu design on the desktop version.

For now I expect we'll use at least the Menu feature and customize it to only direct to certain sections of the course.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey folks!

You asked, we delivered--the Modern Player is here! Now you can give desktop and mobile learners a fresh, unified experience with a modern player style that’s consistent across all devices.

Head over to this article to catch all the details of this new feature. Then, download the latest update of Storyline 360 to take it for a test drive!

If you’ve got any questions about it, we’re here to help.

Scott L

Great news, Alyssa and Articulate design/dev/marketing/support team! Thanks for all your efforts on this. It's really neat to see such a big new UI update in Storyline.

I really like that - if one chooses to toggle the new "Menus & Controls setting to "off" - you can now truly have a chrome-less, no borders kind of design. Before, you could toggle all the features off but you'd still have the 10-or-so pixels of color-of-your-choice border along all four sides.

I was also mostly excited about the menu, and hoped that it would be collapsible for desktop users (it is). Nice. Really nice. In a test, I saw that it would start opened, and that I could collapse it. But then I wondered if there was a trigger or setting to set to collapsed/closed right away. Anything for that? Maybe I missed a way to do that, or perhaps I should submit a feature request?

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