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I've created a menu with a button that jumps to each scene in a course. I don't want my users accessing the scenes out of order, so I'd like each button to activate once the user reaches the last slide in a given scene. I've tried every which way I can think of to make the buttons behave, but I keep running into issues. I want the first button to be active when the user first encounters this menu screen so they can begin the first scene. When they return to the menu screen (after having reached the last slide in that scene), the first scene button should show as "complete" (I've created a "complete" state with the checkmark icon in the button displayed) while the next scene button should activate.

Any takers on this one? Please help! Thank you.

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Michael Hinze

This may not be exactly what you want, but have a look at the attached file. This menu forces learners to take sections/topics in sequence. At the beginning, only the first menu button is enabled. As sections are completed, the next menu button is enabled, based on the completion of the previous one.

Christine Wessels

I finally figured it out.

My Solution

  1. Create a Boolean variable for each section/module/lesson, set the default value to false.
  2. On the last slide for each of the modules, set a slide trigger to adjust the variable from false to true when the timeline starts.

On the menu screen:

  1. On menu screen, set first button to normal, set all others to disabled.
  2. For the first button, create a slide trigger that changes the state of the first button to completed (custom or use visited) when the variable for that section is equal to true (adjusts when the learner reaches the last slide in that scene).
  3. For the second button, repeat step two for the second section's variable AND;
  4. Create an object trigger for the second button that changes the state to Normal based on the state of the first button (set to complete or visited).
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all of the following buttons and sections for your course.

For additional control, I created a warning pop-up that prevents the user from advancing to the end of the course until all of the buttons on the menu are in the completed/visited state.

This is kind of hairy, but I hope I explained it clearly. If not, please feel free to adjust and share with the community!