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Aug 28, 2014


I have a main menu page with several Chapter buttons. Unfortunately I have to lock down navigation so users need to view Chapter 1 before can proceed to Chapter 2, etc.

Everything seems to be working as far as restricting the user from going to the next Chapter until the previous one has been completed. I'm just trying to resolve one issue whereby as soon as a user clicks on a Chapter button, it shows the button state as Visited, even though I have a trigger to only show as visited if the ChapterCompleted variable is set to True.

Here's how I have it set up:

1. Created variables: ChapterOneCompleted == False, ChapterTwoCompleted == False, etc. for each Chapter

2. On the last slide of each Chapter, I set the ChapterOneCompleted to True on SlideEnter, and do same for all Chapter variables.

3. On menu page I have Layers for each Chapter which appear if doing out of sequence - "Please complete the Chapter (#) before proceeding".

4. For each Chapter button on the menu screen, I have 2 triggers to see if previous chapter was completed and if so, can begin the selected Chapter:

i) Show Layer "Chapter(#) Not Completed" When user clicks IF Chapter(#)Complete is equal to FALSE

ii) Jump to (1st slide of Chapter) When the user clicks If Chapter(#) == True (if previous Chapter has been visited)

5. On menu page, I created Slide Triggers for each button to Change state of Button # to Visited when timeline starts If (previous) Chapter#Completed == True.

Again, only thing not working for me is that if a wrong Chapter button is selected, it shows the Layer saying they can't start but will still show the Chapter button Visited state.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? I'm sure it's probably an easy fix.


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Michael Hinze

The Visited state of an object is triggered automatically when the object/button is clicked. So you might want to add a custom state, e.g. "Completed" to the chapter buttons and revise your triggers to use these states to signify completion of a chapter. Or, you could start out with your chapter buttons (except for chapter one) being disabled and then 'turn them on' as each chapter is completed. See an example of this type of sequenced menu here.

Bryce Gilbert

Hi again,

This is a related question to locking down my menu navigation.

Because we require users to view the entire slide, I've added triggers to disable the Next button until the timeline ends (followed this tutorial:

For those users that have gone through the entire course, is there a way to reset this, or modify trigger conditions, so when they are viewing for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. time, they do not have to wait until the timeline ends and can skip to the next slide?

I'm hoping to not complicate things too much with more variables and conditions, but can't come up with a simple solution and am looking for ideas.


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