Custom navigation buttons in storyline 360 working erratically :(

Dec 04, 2018

Hello from a Kiwi in Koalaland aka Australia,

I would love some help with an ongoing frustration I am experiencing with custom navigation in my slide master.

I have made custom navigation buttons in the slide master of a Storyline 360 project. I am having huge issues with this navigation! 

As you can see below, I have created a button in the slide master and attached a trigger to it. The trigger should progress the learner to the next slide.

Master Slide button and trigger

But when I use this master slide in my project, it doesn’t seem to make a link between slides! ( the slides below  should show a connection between them and be arranged in a vertical order.)

 Slides in story view

 To make things more confusing, I get different results when I preview the project and when I upload it to Articulate review:

·        In preview, even though the slides don’t show that they are linked, I can navigate through the whole scene.

·        In Articulate review, the scene jumps between   3-4 random slides before stopping at a slide where the button from the master slide does not work, leaving me unable to continue.

I would love to know what I am missing, if you can help :)


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jolyon, and all the 🐨 friends! 

When you add in a trigger like that on your slide master, you won't see the associated link in the story view or from slide to slide, but it's still there. The story view linking will show you direct links on that slide to the next slide, but not anything you've added into your master.

It's good to hear that the trigger is working as expected in Preview, but that should also be working in the published version on Review. Would you be able to share the .story file and the Review Share link for us to take a look at? You can include those here as a part of your reply, or send it along privately to our Support Team


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jolynon,

Thanks for the file! Is this in one particular scene or group of slides? I wanted to narrow down my testing and where I'm looking, and it looked like Scene 2: Introduction was the largest. I did a quick test publish of that scene alone that you can view here. 

So far it seems that the slides are navigating correctly based on the content being shown, but I hope you can double check since you're more familiar with the content! 

Let me know what you spot in my version, or if I'm looking in totally the wrong scene! 

Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health

Hi again Ashley,

And also thanks again for getting back to me! I see that your upload works, but that is just one scene. At the moment I'm testing the landing page, menu and introduction. The learner should lands at the splash page, go to the menu, then choose the introduction. 

I've uploaded the entire project (inculding these 3 scenes) to our LMS and articulate review and it doesn't work for me. If you have a look at the link below you'll see what I mean. Many slides are missed and the navigation is broken.


Daniel Servan


I think it is safer not to put the Navigation <-    -> into the Master Slide.
I suggest putting that navigation in every slide.
Master Slide doesn't really know what is the next Slide unless you have the variable to guide what's slide to load for next and prev.

Phil Robinson


I have had no problem placing my navigation buttons on the Slide Master and personally, I think it is the way to go. Here is a somewhat dated thread but the concepts have not changed. 

To make things easier to work with in slide view, I add a dummy trigger off to the side to jump to next slide when clicked. The leaner will never see it but it stacks your screens vertically on the left side of the screen. 

Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health

Yep, I've seen that one- that's the one I followed originally. Using that method I had inconsistent/ different results when uploading to storyline review and uploading the scorm file to our LMS.

I hadn't thought about your method, which seems like it would work. Unfortunately, in the  end I just pasted custom navigation elements into each slide because I had to settle on a fix. 

I'll give this another go on a different project :)

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