Custom Navigation Issue - Non-clickable Objects

Hello everyone,

We are suffering from a bazar SL360 issue that only affects two members of the team.


Our team uses custom navigation shapes as PREV/NEXT buttons, these are derived from the same slide master template.


At any point during the development process, all clickable objects within the project will suddenly cease to be clickable when previewed (or published).

From this point the developer will have no choice but to revert to a previously saved back-up and “hopefully” copying over the updated changes without the dreaded "No clicky clicky" issue happening again.

I personally find it quite perplexing that this issue only applies to two members of the team yet we share very similar development techniques.

Strangely this issue will disappear if we enable any of the built-in navigation buttons (but this is not an option due to our fixed layout).


  • All members of the team are working directly from their C-Drives.
  • We are currently running (Build 3.43.22859.0) but have a ticket with our IT department to update to the latest version in the hope that this will resolve the issue.
  • We have not been able to isolate a particular action, event or object that consistently causes this issue.

If anyone else is using custom navigation on their projects and has experienced this issue before it would be great to know how or if you were able to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Mark!

Wow, that does sound bizarre, but we're to help! Since this is happening with specific .story projects, I'd like to have our Support Engineers test your project on their end.  Would you mind uploading it to us?

We'll let you know as soon as we receive the file and begin troubleshooting! I'll keep an eye out for your case so that I can follow along.