custom navigation issues

Hi there, we have a course that has a custom navigation bar. It's on a Master slide with simple prev/next slide triggers. I am having a couple of issues:

  1. If I skip ahead slides using the sidebar menu and then I hit the "previous" in the nav bar, it jumps back to the slide I was on. before the jump. It doesn't behave this way when going next. It always progresses to the next slide.
  2. I have two slides that aren't connected to other sides. These are "contact
     and "help" slides that should only be accessed via context menu, however, if I hit next all the way to the end or previous all the way to the beginning, these slides will show up.

Are there any solutions to these issues?




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Crystal Horn

Hi Eitan!

  1. By default, "previous slide" means the slide you were last on. So if you go from slide 1.1 to slide 1.7, and click the Previous button (jump to previous slide), you will return to slide 1.1. It functions similarly to a browser's back button. The trigger to jump to the next slide, however, will use the next slide in numerical sequence (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc).
  2. It sounds like these slides are falling in numerical sequence when clicking Next. What slide comes before the "Contact" slide, for example? What should happen when clicking Next on that slide? Adjust the trigger for the Next button to read jump to "slide x.x" instead of "next slide."

Let me know if that doesn't help!