Custom navigation pane - duplicate masters, manual actions

Hi all,

The custom navigation I'm working on has a graphic with the lesson names arranged vertically on a background graphic.

  • To make each lesson name act as a button, I added a hotspot that jumps to the lesson opener.
  • To show which lesson is active, I added a graphic "selection" for each button (blocking the hotspot).
  • Each lesson has its own master so that I can use the various layouts with the button selected.

1st problem: This is fine for 4 lessons, but what happens when i get to 100 lessons. Duplicating and then manually renaming each layout = lots of time.

2nd problem: On the last slide of each lesson, a few questions help the student to decide if they are ready to go on or if they should review the lesson. So on that slide I place another hotspot over the (deactivated) button to let them return to the lesson opener.

Can you think of a better way?

BTW - I tried to attach my file to this post but got a server error.

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