Custom Navigation Restriction

We are building a course with restricted navigation that opens up as the learner progresses through the content. We would like to include a graded quiz at the end, in a separate scene, which the user cannot access prior to visit all of the slides that precede it. Once they are in the quiz, we would like to have the ability to lock the menu and navigation otherwise, so that the user cannot revisit course content to find answers.

If the student fails the quiz, we would then like to reopen access to the rest of the course so they can review content in order to improve their performance on the quiz.

Is there any way to lock/unlock the navigation menu mid-course? 

P.S. I understand I can build a custom menu in the slide master that would accomplish this, but this is out of the scope of this project.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi NS,

There isn't a way to control the built in Storyline player menu to unlock it mid course. If you used the setting of "restricted" that would allow the user to go back to slides that they had previously seen - vs. "locked" navigation where they can only advance to the slides in the order you designated regardless of if they had seen them before.