Custom Next and Previous Buttons in Storyline 360

Hi All,

Firstly, this community is so extraordinary - thanks to all and if only it could be modeled everywhere! 

Now the question: in AS2 I almost always create custom 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to suit branding. In 360 it's fabulous that there is an inclusion of Swipe action for Next and Previous. This shows in the slide settings for the buttons using standard Articulate slides. 

I've tried a few ways to get this functionality when creating custom buttons, with no success;   triggers revert to click only with no swipe option. Any ideas? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Dorothy! I agree that this community is extraordinary - there's simply nothing like it! 

Can you explain to me why you would need a 'Swipe' trigger on your custom buttons? Do you mean you'd like the users to have the option of swiping OR using your custom buttons?

If so, you'll need separate triggers for that, one to jump to the next slide when the user clicks the custom button, and one to jump to the next slide when the user swipes.

And just in case you're interested, here's a little more information on the HTML5 Gestures for Tablets and Smartphones!

Dorothy Persic

Hi Alyssa, thanks for the super speedy response! Amazing given world time zones!

Ahhhh Haaa !  After mucking about for an hour or so (we all have those days) I figure out (yes it should have been obvious to me )  that the Swipe trigger attaches to an invisible built in function only, and is separated from the built in Next/ Previous button. I made test module and checked it on all devices - superb! No need to ever create a trigger for this  :)


Gloria Coser

Hello guys!

Many thanks for all the help which you give in this community everyday, I share the same Dorothy's feeling :)

By the way, I'm writing you because I am facing a problem related to the same topic.

I am building m-learning and I would like to swipe some of my slides - instead of using buttons. I went to slide properties and ticked prev and next in slide navigation and gestures related to swipe.  Then, when I preview my project (on my PC) I don't see how to test the swiping.

Do you know if there is another step to let the swipe function works on my PC preview?

Dorothy Persic

Hi Stefano,

Select any slide. Go down and click on the gear icon in the lower right
area where Slide Properties are found.

There you will see the built in Swipe functions which you can deselect if
you like. I leave these on always as they are great for mobile devices.
They don't show as a button, and don't require a trigger - the are just

Hope that helps / hope I understood you correctly.