Custom Next button disables even though all variables are set to true

Nov 12, 2019

Hi everyone! 

I have an interaction in one of my projects - it's a pie chart. The user needs to click each section of the pie to reveal content. Once they have clicked all 6 pieces, the custom next button is shown.

I've run into a couple of issues. I normally would have achieved this by initially hiding the next button when the timeline starts and activating it when all the states of the buttons are visited. However, buttons don't work in this case as the shapes are not square. So I've used hotspots and layers. Whenever a user clicks a hotspot, it reveals a layer, and adjusts a true/false variable. Then on each layer, I have the Next button only activating when all the variables are true.

Now, this works the first time when the user clicks each section, but if they choose to revisit another layer, the Next button reverts to disabled. They then have to click all 6 again. I've looked, and the variables all remain at true, so nothing is reverting back to false.

Would really appreciate any help!




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Randy Hill

So are you using the trigger change state of next button (your custom next button) to hidden when timeline starts? If so, a couple of things, you do not need a trigger to do this, you can simply and more effectively do it by setting the initial state to hidden under the states tab. Then you just need one trigger that says when all of those variables are true change the state of the button to normal. Otherwise, for what you have, changing the next button to hidden when timeline starts, I would ad exceptions in to the trigger to say if variable one is not equal to true OR variable 2 is not equal to true, and so on using an or statement for each condition. This way when the user revisits the slide, it won't automatically hide the button again because none of those or conditions are met.

Sophie Bristow

Hi Randy! Thanks for replying. I'm setting my Next button to hidden as a state. Then I put a Next button on each layer, which changes to normal when all the variables are true, but instead it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, depending on the order they are selected. Maybe I can attach my file as that might make it clearer? Thanks!

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