Custom Personalized Content in Storyline Project


A client of mine wants me to explore the feasibility of the following:

We want our users to complete a google form which we already have a way to populate the data from the google form to a pdf form and then we want each user to be able to view/download that pdf form so that he/she signs it

I am thinking about a story file that could direct the users to the google form and then in the final slide the user could open that pdf form and sign it. The thought is to have the pdf in a drive folder and maybe with the help of a javascript we could make the story file get the pdf form for the correct user each time using a Storyline variable to make this work somehow.

Another maybe simpler or more feasible way I would think of is to create the content of the google form in the story file and then it would require to compose/create the pdf form from the .story file data (I suppose with the use of text variables and a javascript again), which would be available in the end of the .story file.

I would appreciate your help and ideas on how to implement that.

Thank you in advance

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