Custom Playbar icons

Hopefully someone can assist me with my issue.

I have a file where I have created my own custom Play, Pause, Back and Next buttons for navigation. I have a trigger that changes the Next button from 'Disabled' (Grey - inactive) to 'Ready' at the end of the timeline (orange icon to highlight slide is ready to progress). When I return to the slide I have a trigger that checks the state of the Next button, if it is in state 'Ready' then change it to 'Normal' (white icon to show it can be pressed) then at the end of the timeline the Next button changes to 'Ready' state again (Orange Icon).

This all works as I want and expect, except that when you return to the slide it sits at the end of the slide and does not restart. If I go into the properties for the slide and change it to 'reset to initial state', it breaks my Next buttons as it resets my button states.

Is there a way of making this work?

I do have the option of creating a variable for every single slide in my file and changing the state at the end of the timeline so that when I return i can trigger actions but this is a lot of triggers and work that I would need to manage and creates quite a bit of room for error.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Austin,

Thanks for reaching out here with your question! The custom button set up is something folks have asked about before, but you've got some unique elements in here. Are you able to share a copy of the .story file here with the community? That way folks can take a look at what you've got set up and offer some additional advice?