Custom Player Colors not showing up in HTML5 publish

I've been trying to figure out what is wrong with my player for a few hours now. I have customized the colors of my Storyline Player and it works fine when I publish to SWF, but when I view it in HTML5 in both Chrome (ver 19) and FireFox (ver 10) , the custom color only shows up for the "Menu" area, but not the main slide area, see below. Has anyone else had this issue? I've started several new projects and I get the same results each time as show below with custom player colors. What is strange is that if I use one of the color schemes that comes default with Storyline, the colors show up fine. It only does this when I create my own custom colors (I have also made sure to save the custom color settings before I publish). I'm running a trial version of Storyline that I installed on my work computer that has Windows XP Service Pack 3. Any ideas?

Here is how it looks in HTML5 (Note the missing colors in the main slide area)

This is how it looks in preview mode and when published in Flash:

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Dave Mozealous

Hey Troy,

I think you have just ran into a bug (that we will be fixing) in our HTML5 player.  Any chance you would be able to upload the source .STORY file to:

And then send me a note with the name of the file?  I can then make sure that when we fix the bug it will fix your issue.


Troy Broas

Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. I've uploaded the file. Also, just a heads, I noticed that it seems like 50%  of the time or more when I publish to HTML5, the background doesn't show up either (either when I used an image in a master slide, or if I used default background style). See below (I used one of the gradient backgrounds, but nothing shows up):

Troy Broas

Dave Mozealous said:

Ok thanks guys.  I just confirmed that this will be fixed in the next update we do to Storyline.

Thanks for sending over the files.

Hey Dave, I still seem to have issues with background images on my slides not showing up when I publish to HTML5 (it seems like it's about 50/50 right now, some slide background images show up, some don't). Do you know if this is a bug that will be addressed in a future update also?

Alan Redensek

We've experienced this exact same glitch here, and are anxiously awaiting the next update that will fix this.

In the meantime, we've had very good luck by starting with one of the Built-In color schemes, and then changing the colors of the player elements one by one until we have our final color scheme.

Troy Broas

Hi Alan, 

When I first noticed the issue, I tried to go that route too. Unfortunately for me, even if I start with one of the Built-In Player color schemes as the base for my own custom player colors, I still am not able to get the custom colors to appear (and I still have an issue with missing background images) when I publish to HTML5. Looks like I will just have to wait until the update is released, but thanks for the suggestion

Alan Redensek

Hi Troy,

This is so strange, I was able to change the colors and see them appear fine in the HTML5 publish until I tried to save the custom color scheme. At that point any changes I made to the player colors did not appear in the output.

I've tried restarting storyline and creating a new project, but now my color changes no longer appear.