Custom Player - Exit button

I know you are able to customize the player per slide by going into slide properties, but the Exit button is not one of those options. I also tried adding a custom feature (a "fake" Exit button), but when I try to customize the slide by going into the slide properties, the custom feature I made also does not appear. 



My goal: Only have an exit button on the last slide of the course so learners are marked complete in the LMS. I don't want them to be able to complete the course any sooner. 


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Michael Hinze

You could create a custom button on the last slide (not on the player bar) and attach an Exit Course or Complete Course trigger to the button. Or, if you are not using the Submit button anwyhere in the course, you could change the Submit button's label to Exit, add that button to the last slide's player bar, and change the Submit trigger attached to that button.