Custom player features for selected slides--Is it buggy??

Aug 31, 2012

Sometimes I like to customize the player features for a certain slide. For instance, the skin is set up to have the notes tab at all times, although for something like a question page, I like to turn it off. So I go in and turn it off in the slide properties for that page.

Works great, EXCEPT if you go past the page and then go back to it, then all the customization is gone and you see the player, uncustomized.

Am I doing something incorrect, or is this a crazy bug?

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Brian Batt

Hi Kristin,

I apologize for the issue that you're having.  I haven't seen that before.  Would you mind submitting a support case to us?

During the submission process, you'll have an option to record a screencast.  Be sure to record one that shows the exact steps that you're doing so that we can investigate the issue.