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Would anyone be able to explain to me how to make a menu on the player like the one in this example:

I know I can trigger a lightbox slide from the player, but the menu in this example is fullscreen... and if I trigger a "Jump to Slide" from the player, I'm not sure how I would return the learner to the slide they were previously viewing.

Basically I'd like to create a custom menu without adding a button to my all slides that takes up screen real estate. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

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Ashley Terwilliger

That's a cool example Gracia! Where did you find it? I'd ask them how they set it up and if they could share the .story file with you! 

My guess is it's a "jump to slide" trigger from the player. The default behavior of the previous button is to "jump to previous slide" meaning the slide the user was last on - like a browser's back button. So they could have set the same trigger for their "return" button. 

Just guesses though without seeing it! 😀

Molly Schachleiter

This was actually an example I found in one of the E-Learning Heroes Challenges. I didn't realize "jump to previous slide" worked that way - I thought it just went backwards one slide in chronological order, meaning if you had the menu slide as slide #15 in your Storyline file, it would always go back to slide #14. That's helpful though, I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Gemma Greenwood

Hi there,

I'm wanting to do a similar thing - mainly with the menu. How can you get the menu to display in the top left of the screen? 

I can see that it's a slide or a layer with the different areas, however how can I get the "Menu" to actually display on the top left? The same as Resources displays on the right - how can I do this to the left and make it a menu slide?



Molly Schachleiter

Hi Gemma,

If I'm understanding correctly, this is something you can adjust in the Player options. Click the Player button in the top ribbon, and you'll see the screen shown below. Highlight "Menu" under Player Tabs and click the edit button (paper & pencil icon). This will bring up the Trigger Wizard window shown below also. From here, you can choose the position of the link using the "Align" option. For example, in the screenshot below, the Menu is set to "Topbar Left," so that's where it'll display on your player.

player options screenshot

Hope that helps!