Custom Player Question

Hi All, 

This is my first attempt at making a custom player, with back/next buttons. My goal is for next/back to appear in the bottom right area, just like the default buttons do. I intentionally placed them a little higher, to demonstrate how they seem to disappear if they are off the stage. The default buttons usually reside further down. Can anyone explain why they disappear, when they are in the area where the default buttons go?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Phil Mayor

Without using the SDK you cannot add anything into the Player area.

As you buttons are on the slide anything off the slide will get truncated when you publish.

You could switch off the volume control and have your player buttons on the slide itself, change the ocular of the borrow of the slide to match the player and use your onside controls.

Richard Hill

(whoops I didn't see Phil's post -while typing-but am adding my two cents also!)

Hi Helen.  Any buttons you create must stay within the stage area.  The default buttons are solely part of the player itself and are outside the scope of standard storyline editing.  But ,since you already have a seamless window going, you could remove the volume button to get more vertical real estate at the bottom.  Then extend your stage height slightly, and add a black rectangle behind your buttons to fake the player view.  It will look identical to what you seem to want.  Hope this helps. : )