Custom Player/Skin in Storyline

Hello Guys

Is it possible to make your own custom player/skin in Articulate Storyline?

All I've found so far are posts on how to make a custom player/skin

in Articulate Presenter.

I might have missed this topic while searching the forums so I would like 

to apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed.


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Adam Menary

nice job on the player customisablity but unfortunately there is no exit button on the player like a big X in the top right so this means that when we pop the learning event out of our LMS there is no way for the user to get back to the master  course list of learning events.

Can you please add an option to close the player ie X in top right corner?

We got around this in articulate by using a third party player template and the brothers specifically added this for us

popping a new tab and expecting the learner to close the window to return to the orignail page is not fool proof so I think this will be a show stopper for many people trying to implement this in practice

Prashant Bhagwat

Steve Flowers said:

Custom buttons with triggers can be added to the top menu (right or left) using the Player Properties dialog. You can also add custom buttons to the master slide to trigger a close course option.

Phil Mayor said:

We were promised soon after release, but these guys have worked non-stop for over a year on this.  I am happy to wait a bit longer.

Hello Steve,

I have created my own color scheme for player. This color scheme is replicating in Flash based player but it is not reflecting in html5 version? It will be of great help if you could tell me how to resolve this issue.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for understanding and being patient, Ed.

If it helps, beyond the built-in player customizations, here's a job aid to help you quickly identify which parameters in Storyline's player properties are used to control the color of each item on your course player. If you need help with how to customize your player colors, check out this tutorial.