Custom Player Tabs

Nov 20, 2014


I created two customized tabs on my player to provide the option to users to jump to the previous/next scene.  But I'm running to the following issues:

  • Previous/Next chapter buttons on player do not work
  • Menu appearing in even though it is unchecked

Goal: user is able to move through linearly with the previous/next buttons and can move from scene to scene (chapter by chapter) with the player tabs.

Here is a screenshot of how the trigger is set up and the layout of the scenes in the story. And attached is the storyfile.

I know I could just leave the menu on the top of the player but I would like to try to make this work.

Thank you for your help.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Chelsea

there is no screenshot attached but for the menu issue, go into story view and look at the properties of each slide (see shot 2).  If any have a tick for the Menu button - like your Title slide does that is going to give the Menu display on that slide and also spread the other views of the slide that don't have menu ticked to look like they are out of proportion (see shot 1)- does that make sense?

Just checking out your other comments now


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