Custom Position for Freeform Drag and Drop

Jan 21, 2021


I have a Freeform Drag and Drop slide. And when the drag item is dropped on the drop target I want to snap to a specific position in relation to the drop target. It should NOT snap to the center but to a custom position offset from the target by some amount, because the shape are not regular shapes and the should just touch at the edges, sort of like the "Matching Drag-and-Drop" works.

Is that at all possible?

And while we are at it, is it possible to define a radius around a drop target where drag items get snapped to said position when beeing dropped even when not touching the drop target.

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Walt Hamilton

You can give each drag item a motion path, and invoke it when the object is dropped on the target.  The easiest way to create it is to move the object to where you want it to end, give it a line motion path  of zero length, and not a relative start.

That will also solve your second question.

Jeremy Schulz

Hey, thanks for the answer. The motion path tip is great.
However I don't understand how this solved the second part?

I still seem to have to touch the Drop Target with the Drag Item otherwise it doesn't trigger the move trigger.

I attached the test file I am working with.