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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kevin,

I've often seen questions on the community regarding modifying aspects of the Classic Player and, although there are some minor modifications you can make, they are somewhat limited

However, if you are prepared to put in a bit of time to set up your template, here is an option you may wish to consider. The first image below is the Classic Player in its default state with the side menu turned off:

The second image is a fully customisable version of the Classic Player:

The trick is that the bottom image is actually a slide template shown in the Modern Player, using a light background and with all options (menu, controls etc) turned off. Although you do lose a bit of real estate as your slide content (including layers) needs to fit in the white space, the end result on screen will be pretty much the same as you no longer need to allow for the Classic Player fitting round the outside.

The big advantage here is that you can design and program the buttons in any way that you want and so your player is fully interactive.  In addition, choice of colours for every component and inclusion of company logos or other graphics wherever you want, is entirely up to you.

I have attached a copy of the above template, which was just a quick five-minute rough-out of the Classic Player look, but with a bit more time I am sure you could get something looking and reacting the way you want it to. In my case I created the buttons using rounded rectangles, but you could use the in-built buttons if you wished.