Custom question slide master layout not formatting the question properly when applied to slide

In Storyline 2 (however, I also had this same issue in SL1) - in Slide Master view, I've created a custom question layout.  First I used the default question layout and just moved the placeholders around where I want them to ultimately be.

Then I tested by inserting a new slide, selecting Quzzing > Graded > question format (T/F or M/C).  After entering question details including choices, I selected the custom layout I created.  The placeholder for "Question title style" jumps back up towards the top of the screen overlapping the banner image and doesn't remain where it has been placed on the Slide Master layout.  

At this point, the only thing I know to do is to move that box down back in place where I need it to be.

I've tried creating the layout from scratch, editing where the placeholders are on the Master Slide for that set of layouts, all to no avail.  

Am I missing something?  Or is this a quirk in how the question master slide layouts work?

Thank you in advance for any guidance, direction or assistance.

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Steven McAneney

Hi Victoria. Two possible things come to mind. One, does anything change when you click the reset button (just below the layout selection drop-down in the top menu bar)? Also, you mention a "banner". Is this part of a template too?  Is it possible you're not taking this banner into account when designing your question template?

Victoria Aleman

Hi Steven.  In response to "One" -- I didn't recall noticing anything so I re-inserted a question slide, added content, and applied the layout (right mouse click, selected layout).  Then at that point, I decided to reset the slide.  That's when the "magic" happened!  Voila! My slide is now formatted the way I set up the Master Slide layout!!  :-D  Eureka! That's the trick.  

It seems odd that I would have to "reset the slide" after applying a layout.  I would expect that by selecting a layout, it would automatically apply that layout to the slide, adjusting the text boxes and other objects to how it's formatted in the Master Slide layout.  Yet, I am very grateful to have figured out how to get it to do what I need.

By the way, yes, I was taking the banner into consideration.

Thank you for helping me figure this out!

Victoria Aleman

Hi Leslie.  Thank you for following up.  I've figured out how to get the master layout applied.

By the way, another Storyline user who is way more advanced in her application of Storyline features also experienced the same issue and created a workaround.  For someone of her level of experience, I found it very interesting that she wasn't aware that in order for the new layout to apply to the slide, Reset slide had to be selected.

Thanks again.

Victoria Aleman

Here are the steps for clarity in case anyone else runs into this issue:

1.       Insert new slide - select Quizzing and the type of quiz question (T/F, Multiple Choice, etc.)

2.       Enter question details

3.       Switch to Slide View

4.       Select layout

5.       Reset slide - this is when the desired layout applies to the slide and everything is where intended.

I haven't tested this yet in Storyline 1 for those that haven't had a chance to move to SL2.

Victoria Aleman

Based on your questions, Leslie, I edited the steps.  

The layout look changed when I selected the layout, but it did not format to the way I set it up in the Maser Slides until I reset the slide.  It doesn't put the text boxes in the proper places until after resetting the slide.

Victoria Aleman

What you did differently is you used the built-in themes.  I created a customized slide.

In Master Slide View I added a banner to the Master slide (the large thumbnail for the Master Layout).  Then deleted all the text boxes on that master.

Then on the question layout in Master slide view, the existing question title style box is overlapping the banner.  So i moved that placeholder box down and shortened the placeholder for the choices.

Then when I return to story view, I follow the steps I listed above to get the custom layout to apply to the slide.

Victoria Aleman

It looks like you're still using the Theme built into Storyline.  To replicate,

1. start with blank SL, do not apply a built in them.  

2. Pull in an image to use as the banner onto the Mastser Slide and position at top.  

3. Then move the Question Title styles placeholder text box down underneath the banner so they don't overlap.

4. Sdjust the Question Choice styles placeholder text box so it and the Title placeholder don't overlap.

5. Then exit Slide Master view.

6. insert new slide

7. Select Quizzing option (T/F or M/C)

8. Enter question details

9. Switch to Slide view

10. Right mouse click, click Layout and select the customized question layout.  At this point is when I expect the layout to apply as it has been customized in Master Slides, but that's not what I experience.

11.  Right mouse click, click Reset slide.  This is where it finally applies the layout as designed.

(It was quicker for me to type this out than do a video.)

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Victoria!

I tried again, but I'm still not replicating. I don't think I've asked, but does this happen in any of your projects or just the one you are working on now? Have you imported into a new file and/or repaired your software?

It may be best to work directly with our support engineers here as I feel like we are spinning our wheels and I want you to get the best assistance.

Victoria Aleman

Thank you, Leslie for trying one more time.  This happened in Storyline 1 and now is happening in Storyline 2, which i just loaded on my machine on Friday (last week).

I'll try the Import into a new file and repairing the software to see if those take care of the issue.  If I still run into the same issue, I'll contact the support engineers.

Thanks, again for all your help in troubleshooting this.

Victoria Aleman

Leslie - I've repaired Storyline, and now it's working as it should.  Thank you for your help!

So there is a text/graphic I created in Storyline 2 and need it for a template I'm building.  If I open that file to save that text/graphic, will the erratic behavior I was experiencing happen again?  Or do I need to recreate it?