Custom quiz review trigger and layer problem. Working for one project but not another.

Jul 03, 2019

Hi there,

Two versions of my project that I believe are set up identically are performing differently and I can't figure out why. Project C1-Quiz10 is following my custom quiz review triggers in Storyline preview function but C1-Quiz13 is not. Then, when I upload C1-Quiz10 as a SL block in Rise (it's a quiz for a Rise project), my custom review triggers stop working. I suspect it might be to do with the "automatically decide" slide property on each slide but can't be sure and my testing has failed to confirm this. 


I have customised the review function of my quiz so that I don't use the "review results" action. Instead, when the learner clicks "review answers" on the results screen, I take the learner to the first question slide and a custom review layer is meant to appear (triggered by the learner clicking the "review answers" button on the results slide).

This review layer then displays a graphic "Review Answer" which stays on screen while it then shows the user either the incorrect or correct layer depending on how they answered that question (again, decided by true/false variables for each question called "Q1", "Q2" and so on) so they can see their feedback.

On the incorrect/correct layers, if the user has clicked the review answers button, a "next" button will cover the "submit" button and a close ("x") button will appear. The user can click the "next" button to go through all the questions to see how they answered them or, at any point, they can click the close ("x") button which sends them back to the results slide. They can then decide to review their questions again or retry the quiz.

For one project (called C1-Quiz10):

It works perfectly every time the user clicks "review answers". They can click the close ("x") button, get sent to the results slide, and then click "review answers" again and it performs the same each time. Below screenshot shows what the slide looks like when the review slide performs correctly.

review working

For another version of that project (called C1-Quiz13):

The review layer only performs properly the first time the user clicks "review answers" from the results slide. If the user clicks close ("x"), gets sent to the results slide, and clicks the same "review answers" button again, the review layer displays its "Review Answer" graphic but doesn't send the user to the incorrect/correct layers. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like when that happens:

review not working

The Rise issue:

To further complicate things, when I upload C1-Quiz10 (the project that works) to Rise as a Storyline block, it stops working and performs the same way as C1-Quiz13 (the review layer displays its "Review Answer" graphic but doesn't send the user to the incorrect/correct layers). 

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I know a learner won't necessarily need to review their questions more that once but I want to give them that flexibility. And with this error, they will get stuck on a slide that doesn't provide any buttons to exit it. Not good!

Both project files are attached. 

Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Leanne!

Thank you for sharing those two files with me. I tested both files in Storyline 360, then added each one to a Storyline Block in this sample Rise 360 course. 

From my side, I'm not seeing any differences between how the files behave in Storyline 360 vs. how they behave in Rise 360.

If you're still seeing the issue in that sample Rise 360 course I linked above, could you record a Peek video to explain what you're seeing? That would be really helpful!

Leanne Reynolds

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for helping me with this.

Here is a recording:

The problem arises when the review button is clicked a second time. The first time it is clicked, everything works as normal. The second time (if the user so happens to want to review again, for example if they accidentally clicked the 'x' button) the 'next' and 'x' button disappear.

The review layer is still showing - I can tell because the graphic above the quiz question number (#/17) changes to "Review answer" instead of "Question" - but the review layer is not performing like it did before where it sends you to the correct/incorrect layer depending on your answer to the question. 

Hopefully that makes sense!

Indrani Sen

Hello Alyssa,

A slightly different problem.

I have an interesting problem.  I have added a 'Review' button (for reviewing quiz results) as one of the main buttons that is always available along with Main Menu, Help, Contact and Exit buttons.  However, users can ONLY access this button after completing the specified quiz.  The goal is for users to use this button to review a quiz that they have already taken.  As of now, this course resides within a LMS. Ideally, users after completing this course and logging off, should be able to access this 'Review Page' when they login and revisit this course at a later time.

 For this, I have created a T/F variable called 'ReviewAgain' and set it to 'False'.  This resets to 'True' after users complete the last quiz question.  From the 'Player' section, I have added a button called 'ReviewPage' with a condition that this button triggers to jump to 'Results' slide, if ReviewAgain'=True.  However, somehow I noticed that after posting to LMS, this does not work.  The users cannot access the 'Results Page' after they login and access this course.

Please could you help. here is the copy of the file. Thank you so much

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Indrani,

It looks like you've shared a copy of the published output, and we'll need to take a look at the .story file to see all those triggers in action!

One thing to look at is the Resume behavior you've enabled. That's what will direct learners back to the particular slide they left off on (presumably the Results page) and have them continue from there. 

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