Custom Quiz Timer/Points System

I found this question from 4 years ago and the rest of the thread was rather short and outdated.. so if anyone knows where to point me for answers, that'd be very much appreciated!

Has anyone created a custom timer for questions scattered along a course before? 

I need to create a timer for each question and mark learners depending on how fast they answer the question. 

Let's say they have 30 seconds to answer a question. If they answer within the first 10 seconds they will get 30 points, if they answer within the second 10 seconds they will get 20 points and so on.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Yes, it isn't as hard as it sounds, and if you don't need to keep the timing for each question you only need one extra int variable and a short JS scriptlet to "count down from 30 each second" (using SetInterval).

Then once the user submits the answer insert an "add var trigger" to test the value of that variable against a correct answer. Where to place this would depend on whether you have a feedback slides or not.

Finally, to repeat that, you only need to set the timer value back to 30 for each other question.