Custom Replay button

I want to implement a custom replay button which upon clicking will reset the particular slide from beginning.I don't want the default storyline player at bottom.I have completely removed it from player settings.

I have created the button.But the issue i'm facing is that on clicking it's not resetting the slide from beginning where there are multiple layers with animations, etc.It's just starting randomly from somewhere.

I have changed the slide properties - When Revisiting.It only works when i set it to Reset to Initial State. But i want to keep it to Automatically Decide.

How can i do that ? Any workaround ? Can i make it work through javascript, etc ?

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Nancy Woinoski

Walt beat me to it. I was going to say create a blank slide (probably put it in its own scene so it does not interfere with rest of your nav. Make the timeline as short as possible and add a trigger to jump to the screen you want to restart when the timeline ends.

On the slide you want to restart make the trigger on the custom button jump to the blank slide - and make sure you have the slide properties set to Initial State.

Abhishek Roy

thanks for the tip.

i have added a trigger to every slide to jump to that slide when user clicks the replay button.and i have set each slide to Reset to Initial State. It's working but i want to keep certain slides to Automatically Decide or Resume to Saved State when user revisits.How can i make the replay button work on these slides ? or should i avoid the replay button on those slides ?

Marcy Bettini

Hi, while this is a workaround, this hack is pretty clunky and labor intensive if you're putting a custom replay on every slide for a client. Lots of extra work when Storyline can build in a trigger for Replay Slide. Please improve on this. Many clients want a replay button and have lengthy courses.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marcy,

Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm sorry it's caused a lot of extra work for you. 

The built-in rewind/replay button does allow for the whole slide to be re-played if you're using the option of Reset to initial state: This option will always force the slide to rewind.

You may want to look at using that slide property setting if the rewind/replay is a crucial piece of your course. 

Marisette Burgess


I'm a newbie on Articulate and was looking for a replay button on the player. I rather agree with Marcy. I would like to give my audience the choice of replaying the audio on the slide. I don't want to force it to start over every time they click back. Is there a way for the audience to click on the play button on the player to rehear the audio when they want?

Thanks for the help,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marisette! 

The Play button on the player controls the entire slide timeline, not just the audio.

If you're looking for a button that will just replay the audio, I'd suggest adding a custom button on your slide to do that. Then, add this trigger to the button: Play media [audio] when user clicks the custom button.

Amy Auyer


There are triggers for "Pause Timeline" and "Resume Timeline" but not "Replay/Reset Timeline." For those required to build custom navigation, most of the time, in order for the learner to revisit the course or slides "unlocked" the slide properties must be set to "Resume Saved State" (because the custom Play button is hidden/disabled state until the timeline completes).  A Replay button with a "Replay Timeline" trigger would be IDEAL allowing the user to reset the slides they want to replay as they need when they review the course content. It seems like the most practical solution. I really hope Storyline can add that trigger soon!