Custom result slides with question specific information

I am an admitted rookie builder for sure but a long time health and safety professional.  I think this is a basic question but then again?  I am wanting to ensure that when a user gets a question wrong a question specific result slide pops up and provides information around what the right answer is.  From a due diligence stand point there is nothing worse than a user walking away not quite sure what the right answer was ?  Even if they got the question right a specific results slide could reinforce the message even further

Is this possible or is this just so basic I need to go back to e-course building school ?


Thanks for any direction !  Tracy

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Tracy Arron

Hi Wendy - Nothing mocked up yet just looking to know whether this is possible.  Super basic question like What does whmis stand for?  and then choose one of 4 answers submit and then the answer slide but these answer slides will have specific pictures and comments that would not be able to show up on any other question answer slides ?  

Totally appreciate the mock up offer but I don't want to cause anyone any work when I have yet to do it.  Just  kind of want to know it is possible and then I will dig in on the research :)