Custom review slide does not show feedback

Oct 26, 2015


I have customised the Feedback Review so it would show the text I added at the bottom of the slide in Form View (Post-quiz review) in Storyline 2.0, but as you can see from the attached graphics, I no longer see the green tick and the CORRECT or INCORRECT bar at the bottom like the other slides have that do not have the Review layer.

In Slide Review, I want to be able to have the automated feedback (green tick) showing them if they chose the correct answer or not, but want to add some feedback text to it as well.

Is there a way to have both?



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Wendy Farmer

On the slide master question layout I added my image and a transparent shape over the top.

I inserted a quiz question T/F and the layout with the image is automatically applied.

I added a layer to the quiz slide called Review and on the layer added the white rectangle with my custom feedback for that question.

When I select the review quiz button from the result slide above is how my slides display.

Obviously your setup is a little different so maybe that's why it isn't working? Sorry can't help anymore.

Victoria Sublette

Oh Hurray! It worked!

I recreated the slides using Wendy's instructions and it worked. I think what messed everything up was putting feedback in the Post-quiz review panel in the Form View of the question (under Set feedback and branching). That seemed to keep the green ticks and CORRECT and INCORRECT bars from coming up - for some reason??

Thank you Wendy and Leslie!!!

Katherine Plastich

Searched the community results list, but couldn't find quite what I'm looking for....

I have flashcard scenario's quiz slides with 3 hotspot buttons below to select correct answer, which provides immediate correct/incorrect feedback.  From the Results slide, when I click review quiz, I do get the correct/incorrect banner on the bottom, however, on the incorrect does not highlight what the correct answer is (one of the hotspot buttons).  Is there a way to display?

I've also noticed in a couple of custom quiz questions....e.g. six icons on slide, select 3 styles for xxx, in review will get the incorrect banner on the bottom, but it will not highlight the correct icons on the slide?  

For both scenarios, the correct radio buttons are selected in the form view.

Doable, or limitation?   Many thanks for your help.

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