Custom Seekbar

Jun 02, 2012

Hi Community,

I wondered if there is a possibility to create your own seekbar (specially for videos).

The built in video controls won't fit my design, and as I wanted to use a "custom" player (in the slides) the seekbar of the player would be the solution too.

Althoug I know how to make my own Play/Pause/Stop controls, this doesn't help when it comes to the progess & seekbar.

I have the same problem with audio / volume buttons.

Looking forward to see your ideas.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Until the SDK is released and we can see what's in it, or Articulate releases a new update with more functionality, you're probably stuck.

You probably could do something for videos bringing them in as web object with something that you've designed on the HTML page, though I always worry (and YMMV) if too many controls are spread all over the place for the learner.

I'd be sure to send in feature requests on this to Articulate for their consideration.  The more voices, usually the better.

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