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Christie Pollick

Hi, Darla -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! Apologies if I am not clear on what you are asking, but can you share a bit more on what you are looking for when you mention using a large brush stroke? And here also is some information on Inserting Text and Image Placeholders if you'd like to check it out. 

Darla Buckley

For instance, see the attached brush stroke.  I would like the black area to be the place holder for a photo in a template I am building in PPT.  Then a user can insert whatever photo they desire into the shape of the brushstroke.  I know how to insert the shape itself and then fill it with a particular photo of my choice, but I would like to create a layout in the slide master.

Christie Pollick

I see, Darla -- thanks so much for the clarification and for the image to help illustrate what you have in mind! Perhaps some of your peers who are well-versed in design will be able to offer some ideas to assist, and our Building Better Courses forum would be a great avenue to reach out for more suggestions on how to accomplish this, as well.