Custom Slide layers in Graded Quiz Questions

Mar 30, 2016


Does anyone have any idea how to use a custom slide layer in a graded question?

Somehow today I programed a multiple select slide where I added custom feedback layers and I thought simply deleted the stock/generic layer with the little gray box and everything worked nicely.  HOWEVER when I went to do the same thing on a T/F slide the submit interaction trigger did not display the correct/incorrect layers.  What I did notice, but have no idea how to replicate is on the slide that is working nicely in the FORM VIEW under feedback the text '(Custome slide layer)' appears.  I have no idea how I got that to happen and when I type that exact thing in the T/F slide that is not working .... it does not work, although I suspected typing it in like I did wasn't going to work, but I tried.

Thanks for your thoughts on how I can continue using custom slide layers....the little gray box rarely gives me enough room for the type of feedback I have to give.


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sherrie,

Quiz templates communicate with the feedback layers when the trigger, "Submit interaction when user clicks" is executed. That execution reads the layer names as "Correct" or "Incorrect" or "Try Again".

The best way to create custom feedback layers is to first create your layers and name them exactly the same for "Correct" and "Incorrect". Then simply disable or delete the default feedback layers. 

That should work fine.

Sherrie Adams

Hi Kevin!

Thank YOU!!

This was driving me crazy.  This morning I added the slides then deleted the generic slides, made sure I renamed the added slides as you noted and voila!! I appreciate your help.  I suppose I either named them a bit different yesterday OR adding new ones before delting the generic ones was key....either way it is working now and I thank you!


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