Custom slide presentation

I'm trying to create a slide selection feature for a presentation. Basically I want to give the viewer the ability to select the slides they want to see without going through the whole presentation.

 I created a slide that shows thumbnails of all the slides I have in the presentation and I put a check box next to each thumbnail so the viewer can choose the ones they want. Each thumbnail represents a full screen slide. 

Please see attachment.

Just wonder if there is a way to do this in Storyline, 

Any ideas????? 


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Adrian Dean

Hi Claudio,

Welcome to Heroes. You can create a home slide if you will with your thumbnails (screenshots of your other slides). Then make each picture a hyperlink to the slide it represents. On each slide, I would include a button or shape that takes you back to the home slide when clicked.

Of course, Storyline comes with a menu built into the player that as long as it is unrestricted will allow the user to pick any slide they want that way. There are no thumbnails in the menu though, only slide titles.

The idea for what you would want would make an excellent feature request, maybe even having the option for them in the menu as well.

Always Happy to Help,


Claudio Fayngolz

Thanks Adrian

I already created something like what you are suggesting:

Skip the intro and select What is PNHin the menu. You'll see that the slides have a presenter, so my client wanted to have the ability to select a few at once and launch mini presentations with 3 or for slides a a time.

Oh well, I will let them know that s not possible