Custom Tabbing Order does not seem to be working


The custom tab order function in a course doesn't seem to work when testing in an LMS.  When tested, only the player is accessible by keyboard. With a minor exception, a couple of images seem to be keyboard accessible within the slide itself.  All other objects like text boxes are not keyboard accessible even when left in the tab order. Using storyline 360

Tested in chrome

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Sam Hill

Hi Samantha, Storyline 360 has gone through some updates to accessibility in the last few months. One of the most notable is the change in how text content is accessed by screen readers like JAWS and NVDA. Storyline published content has been brought more inline with how web content works in that text is not tabbed to, but is navigated using arrow keys on the keyboard (you will not see the text receive focus). The only items that will receive tab focus are items that are interactive (buttons, form elements etc). I think you should find the content is accessible with a screen reader.