Custom Table of Content

Jun 19, 2020

Dear All,

Have anyone worked out a custom table of contents ? Any template or any idea that can be used?

I tired light box and created. Course structure was, I had 5 scenes out of which I scene only had light box slide which was used as table of contents (TOC).

I had given links from this light box to different slides in different scenes. 

Presently once I am clicking the link in light box, the other slide content is splaying in light box slide itself, its not jumping to the slide that I have given.

Is it something wrong to what I have designed or there is a better option to design custom TOC ?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Nabell,

When you open a lightbox, the program stays within the lightbox until you click the X button that closes it -- or click a custom button with the Close lightbox trigger. Thus, you could add a Close lightbox trigger to all the buttons.

But why are you lightboxing the TOC? It'd be much simpler to just show it as a normal slide. You can adjust the Slide Properties so that slide doesn't include a PREV or NEXT button, thus forcing users to click the buttons that go to the various scenes. 

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